Artist of multidisciplinary approach, I paint, I glue, I cut, I create. From my point of view creation is about playing, imagining and transforming in every space and on every support.

I use any medium possible to express myself, mostly oil paint on huge canvas covered with sculpted, scratched or speckled designs. Those textures bring my women beauty as they are able to live outside the painting!

I incorporate signs and symbols that are part of our daily life. My colors are thick and vivid and represent life and love which are what women desire. The woman is the very core of my work of art. As she is central in my composition, I give her a sacred status.

I look at women, mystical beings full of surprises, beauty, doubts and assuredly of many expectations. Women fascinate me as they are fantastic, generous, committed, mothers and « warriors »!

My sight is both internal and external not to get what the beings, particularly women, are trying to hide or are struggling to express or transcend, but to discover all the emotions living inside them and to enter their universe. My painting is infused with those multiple encounters regardless of whatever reasons or obligations our world imposes on us. I tear down masks, modesty, taboos and judgments. My women are thus free and amazing in life as in any other worlds. I represent them proud, mystical, daring but serene, self-confident and respected however they are. I want us to love them unconditionally.

My paintings let both the woman and the artist live without constraint, nor restriction. I do not judge, I represent the Woman without pressure or oppression, she is Free. In this universe, anything is possible, conceivable and achievable.

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