TOUTES ET TOUS À VOS MÂTS TOTEMS ! June 21, 2018 (Video)


TOUTES ET TOUS À VOS MÂTS TOTEMS ! June 21, 2018: Event conceived and realized by the artist Victoria Bond, on the public square in Sainte-Adèle. The artist, invites people of all ages: children with parents, teens, young adults, grandparents, couples ... to come and participate in its creative activity, to celebrate the National Aboriginal Day and the Feast of the Music. In this video, the filmmaker Nicole Deschamps wanted to bring out the pleasure and creativity of the participants in this festive and musical afternoon, which together made a magnificent collective work in full color. The film continues with an interview with Ms. Nancy Rankin, Cree Algonquine from Abitibi, granddaughter of Grand Chief Tom Rankin, who came to honor the event and its participants that day. She gives us, as a modern Aboriginal woman, a page of Quebec history on the experience of her Algonquin people in relation to the "Blancs" and testifies to her discovery of the Pays-d'en-Haut through the activity.

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