Victoria BOND’s artistic approach is at once evolutionary, plural and innovative; libertarian and inclusive – truly embodying the maxim « Culture for All ». In context of the rise of individualism in Quebec, Victoria is inspired by a philosophy of actual performance, where « everything is possible » through communication, participation and interaction.

Knowledge and emotions run throughout her works (portraits and figures of women in oil and participative, interactive initiatives). Her creative works and events reflect the personality of the artist (audacious, anti-conformist, curious). Victoria’s values (love, sharing) and her struggles (freedom, climate, nature, anti-waste) run throughout her creative experience. In her unique approach, she makes us aware of the excesses of our society, our relationship to art, money and nature. She confers a sacred status to women. Victoria invites us to experience change in the present and to be actors. Through the concept of media-participative art, her collective works are the result of sharing her artistic talents, knowledge and stimulating creative potential.

The Art of the Unusual

Massiveness, reuse, re-functioning of objects and using the body itself for artistic purposes, the reversal of values, of roles and knowledge…

Breaking the taboos that imprison creative energies, Victoria parts with convention: no specific places to create and exhibit and a bent towards massiveness (paintings and giant sculptures). Her sculpture « The Tree of Life », whose metal structure is covered not with stone, nor wood, but with a daily accessory – recycled shoes. Feet, symbols of energy, are also used to prepare the base of participative paintings!

Public art for an access to all

The collective works of the artist illustrate the equality of everyone facing the creative act: any citizen can at any given moment, become an artist…

Knowledge is to be shared: « United in front of the canvas ». As with the notion of accessibility, « Art must leave the cozy atmosphere of Galleries and Museums, to be within reach of the citizen ».

Art meaning

In essence, citizen participation generates a new form of citizen debate, based upon anonymity and free expression. « The Tree of Life » sculpture teaches us another way of contributing and giving.

Sensory Art and Art Therapy

Stimulation of the senses and multi-disciplinary arts at the heart of the artist’s approach. Intuitive knowledge is the origin of creative processes: the feeling of liberating emotions.

The mixture of colors and symbols, the imagined flavors of aromas, the fusion of atmospheres, music and painting are in symbiosis: Victoria also invites us to wake up to our forgotten dreams. Events reveal themselves on the canvas.

Harmony and value of nature

Victoria values nature in it’s function as « artistic support » (place of creation, exhibition and encounters) and access to free expression (land art) as opposed to its reductive use, linked to the satisfaction of basic needs or material well-being. Sensitive to the first art, the artist uses natural materials.

Sources of inspiration

Meetings, events: « To your Totem poles everyone! », « Come, create and consume art »), sayings (« actions must follow the words ») and popular songs (« Money, money, money »), are all reasons for citizen awareness. Mobilized and empowered by events, main stream media and excess, volunteer participants interact and their emotions and are instantly captured on the canvas.

The visionary artist, opening up possibilities in Visual Art, leads us to new planes of thought and creativity.

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